Carnival Games Hire

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Shark – Dunk Tank

Shark – Dunk Tank

Adam's Games and Amusements in Hastings can hire to you the Shark Dunk Tank. Hang on and watch their face as they drop into the water when the target has been struck!!

The Dunk Tank is lots of fun and many laughs to be had by all, either as the dunkee, or the person trying to hit the target. This is great entertainment for all including those waiting for their turn to dunk the Principal, Coach, Boss or family member. It is also a fantastic way to raise money for your club or School.

Requirements: The Dunk Tank holds 1,200 litres of water and will take an hour to fill using a standard garden hose and will take about an hour to empty.

Size: 4m High x 1.7m Wide x 1.8m Deep

Price: $400

Adult High Striker

Adult High Striker

Ring the Bell!

Are you strong enough to swing the hammer and hit the bell 4 metres up?

This is a favourite at carnivals, festivals or birthday parties.

Looking to theme your party or event? Great for a 21st or one of the older milestones! Celebrating your 30th, 40th or 50th. What ever your age this is a lot of fun.

Size: 4.2m High x 1.5m Wide x 2.2m Deep

Price: $360

A classic Carnival Game

Milk Cans

A classic Carnival Game – throw the ball into the Milk Can. This is an old time favourite.

3 balls are supplied.

Price: $50 per can (or 3 x Milk Cans $125)

Giant Connect 4

Giant Connect 4

Remember playing Connect 4 when you were kids. We have a Giant version available to hire. Great for parties, corporate events and school fetes.

Price: $100

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

Stack the large wooden Blocks 3 at a time and build your tower. Now remove one block at a time, taking turns to do so. Who will make the tower crash to the ground?

Area Required:  1m x 1m

Size:                       40cm x 40cm

Price:                     $65

Complete with 3m x 3m chess board

Giant Chess

Complete with 3m x 3m chess board (mat) that can be pegged into the ground. (or with weights if Pegging not allowed.)

Price: $130

Cannon Ball Drop

Looking for a different game at your party. Remember playing Kerplunk as a child. Why not try this giant sized game of Cannon Ball Drop.

The game is based on the design of a castle turret. Cannonballs are suspended in the air supported by coloured straws. Remove the straws one by one and watch the balls fall down inside the castle tower. The winner is the player with the least number of balls at the end of the game!

Includes 30 cannonballs and 24 coloured straws. 

Size: Stands 1.2m tall.

Price: $75

Spinning Wheel

Mega Dominoes

Mega Wooden Dominoes is just like the traditional game but bigger in size.
Its oversized game pieces can provide better grip and the large printed dots can be better recognised by a visually impaired person also.
Mega Dominoes is also a great game to teach anyone about numbers and also helps to develop intellectual skills.
It is also great fun to play by stacking up each domino and pushing them all over in a domino effect.
Great fun and entertainment at a home party, in the park or at social gathering or event.

Contains: 28 x Mega Dominoes

  • Length: 30 cm
  • Width: 15 cm
  • Height: 2 cm

Price: $40  (or hire 2 sets for $70)

Giant Checkers

Giant Checkers

Complete with 3m x 3m mat that can be pegged into the ground. (or with weights if Pegging  not allowed).

Price: $100

Soccer (Foot) Pool

This is a combination of Soccer meshed with Pool. The principle of the game is based on Pool, but the balls are replaced by soccer balls and the cue by a pair of feet. Kick the white ball to sink a coloured ball. Rules are basically the same as pool except that you are kicking a ball and not using a cue stick.

Use your feet to 'kick' the balls into the humongous pockets.

Foot Pool or Snookball is an exciting & challenging activity that can be enjoyed by all ages! You don't have to be a soccer player to enjoy this game!

A game for Two players or teams challenge each other.

Size: 4.5m x 3m x 200mm High

Price: $450 

Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel (Chocolate Wheel)

An old time favourite at Carnivals. You can hire a 1-64 or a 1-100 Spinning Wheel for your next event. Easy to transport as it comes apart in 3 pieces.

Size: 1-64   - 61cm diameter Base 66 cm 80 cm high

1-100  - 80cm diameter 70cm base 102 cm high

Price: $100

Giant Checkers

Giant Wooden Dice

Giant Wooden Dice is a great game, perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Each giant yard dice has a natural finish and the dots are heat branded onto the surface of the wood. Enjoy playing this game with your family and friends. Giant Wooden Dice is an ideal game for a parties, social and community events, and corporate functions.

There a many games to be played using the oversized Wooden Dice, only limited by your imagination.

Some game suggestions will be included with the Giant Wooden Dice Hire.

Contains: 5 x Giant Wooden Dice (90mm x 90mm x90mm)

Price: $20

Cannon Ball Drop

Badge Making Outfit

A great idea, get together and make your badges before going out on the town for your Hens night or baby shower. For any event where you want a special keepsake to celebrate your special occasion.

Requires:  Solid surface to assemble the badges.

Price: $100 includes 50 Components to make 50 badges (57mm Badges)

$50 - Additional Components to make 50 Badges

Raffle Barrel

A raffle barrel is essential for any Fund-raiser or promotion. This clear Acrylic Raffle Barrel is supplied with a key to keep your entries secure and is on wheels for easy movement. A must have addition for your Christmas party, giveaway or trade show.

Holds 15,000 + entries

Size:  Stands 109cm High x 112cm Wide x 53cm Deep - Barrel size 100cm wide x 53cm High x 53cm Deep

Price:  $100 overnight hire

Duck Pond

Duck Pond

20 numbered Ducks float on the pond. Children will pluck out their duck, and given a pre-determined prize corresponding to the number on the Duck. This is a game of chance, every child wins a prize. A great addition to any fete or party.

Area Required:               1.5m x 1.5m

Size:                                   1320L x 720W x700H

Power Requirements:  Small pump included to circulate the water - Standard 10Amp Outlet

Price:                                 $130

Velcro Wheel

A Spinning Wheel with a twist. Throw balls to stick to the Velcro pads. Play for a prize or for bragging rights.

Size: 80cm diameter 70cm base 102 cm high

Price:   $100

Photo Board / Wet Sponge Throw (Coming Soon)

We have different Photo Boards for different themed occasions. Or you can throw a wet sponge and have a lot of fun and lots of laughs. Adult and Child head holes.


Price: $100

Hand Ball Target

Hand Ball Target

Try to hand ball the football through the target in the middle. This game is great at Footy Club breakups, team building days, festivals and fetes.  Supplied with 3 footballs.

Size: 140cm wide x 175cm High

Area Required: 2 x 3 meters

Price:   $100

Jaffa Cracker (Coming Soon)

This is a fun addition to any fete or fair. Just drop a Jaffa in the tube at the top, watch it spiral down and come out. Be quick to hit the Jaffa with the mallet provided. This is a lot harder than it looks.


Price: $75

Kiddie Striker

A smaller version to the Adult High Striker, this is for the kids. Everyone wants to ring the bell, why not the kids too.

Size:    157cm High x 59cm Wide x 66cm Deep

Price: $130

Crazy Mirrors – Distortion Mirrors

Crazy Mirrors – Distortion Mirrors

Remember the Crazy Mirrors at Luna Park! Why not hire some for your next event. Create some laughs with your guests or create a side show alley at your next school fete or fair.

Size: 155cm High x 61cm Wide (Children's Size)

Price: $100 per Mirror or 4 x Mirrors for $300

Laughing Clown

Laughing Clowns are the classic carnival game. A great game for the young, to the young at heart. And a firm favourite for any fete, carnival or party.

Size:  120cm High x 66cm Deep x 71.5cm Wide (166cm Wide with side wings open)

Price: $150 including 50 prizes

$180 including 100 prizes (Additional 100 Prizes $65)

Mini Golf

Create your own mini golf course at your next birthday party. Great for any school fete or fair. Nine holes supplied with different gradients on each hole, ten putters and golf balls. Fun for all ages. Great fundraiser or just great fun.

Size:     2.2m Long x 60cm wide

Price:  $330

Tic Tac Toe (Coming Soon)

A game for two players at a time. Throw your ball into the tub. The aim is to get 3 in a row to win. Just like noughts and crosses. Great for any fete, fair or party.


Price: $95

Axe Throw

A new and exciting game to hire from Adam's Games & Amusements.

The object of the game is to throw the Axe and hit the bulls eye. Great fun for kids and adults.

Great in the backyard or for corporate fun and hi-jinks.

This is a steel frame setup, with vinyl banner and comes with 3 x kid friendly Axes.

Size:  1830mm x 1830mm

Area Required: 2mtrs x 4mtrs

Price:   $300

Catch a Fish

Ready to go fishing? Gone Fishin' will appeal to young and old alike as they try to catch the Puffer Fish resting in the "pond". The puffer fish have metal in their nose and the magnet on the end of the pole picks the fish up fast.

Size: 215cm Wide x 160cm Deep x 215cm High

Area Required: 2.2 Metres x 3 Metres

Special Requirements: No Water required.

Price:   $300

Tic Tac Toe

Penguin Fish Fling

Love Penguins, why not fling fish into the basket for the Penguin.

Children stomp on the launcher, flipping the 6 x rubber fish into the penguin's picnic basket. Kids love it!

Ages:  Fun for all Ages.

Size: 183cm Wide x 183cm High

Area Required: 2 Metres x 4 Metres

Price:  $300

Giant Pickup Sticks

Giant Garden 25 Pickup Sticks game, Wooden multi-colour. Play Indoor or Outdoors. Great game for any party or function.

The object of the game is to pick up the most sticks & collect the most points. To begin the game, a bundle of sticks are somewhat randomly distributed so that they end up in a tangled pile. The more tangled the pile, the more challenging the game is.

Size:  90cm Long

Price:   $50

Zombie Splash Bucketing Machine

Fun for Everyone.  The Zombie Splash will create many laughs.

Hit the target with the balls supplied 3 (wet with water first), then watch the bucket of water fall on the person sitting underneath. Suitable for any age and inclusive of all participants.

A Perfect Fund-Raiser.  Teachers, principals, politicians, police officers, fire fighters, coaches -- just about anyone is willing to get wet for a good cause.

Size: 150cm Wide x 85cm Deep x 250cm High

Area Required:  2 Metres x 4 Metres

Special Requirements: Access to Tap and Hose. Hose and Chair not supplied.

Price:   $300

Tic Tac Toe

Frog Whack a Mole Arcade Game Machine

Also called a Wack a Mole and normally seen in game arcades. This is a children's size game. You can now have this at your fete, fair or party. Bright and fun for your next event. Whack the frogs and tally up the points. The quicker you are with hand eye co-ordination to hit the frogs as they pop up, the higher the score.

Ages:  3-10 years

Size: 50cm Long x 68cm Wide x 102cm High

Requires: access to standard 10Amp Outlet

Price:  $140


This is the “Classic” game of rope Quoits. The aim of the game is to throw six rope quoits onto the peg without missing. How good are you? The World Record was a throw of 4002 unfinished by Bill Irby of Melbourne in 1967.  How many can you do??

Price: $35

Quoits – Ring Toss

A variation of the traditional Quoits game. Throw the ring and aim for the highest score. Great fun inside or outside.

Price: $35

Horse Shoes

Horseshoes is an outdoor game played between two people (or two teams of two people) using four horseshoes and two throwing stakes set in the ground. The game is played by the players alternating turns tossing horseshoes at stakes in the ground, which are traditionally placed 12 metres apart.

Price: $35

Snakes & Ladders

Did you enjoy playing the board game as a child. Why not play on this oversized mat with your friends. Throw the large die and use yourself as the game piece. An oversized variation of a classic board game.

Area Required: 4m x 4m

Size:                     3m x 3m

Price:                   $65


Circus Skills Package

Looking to have a Circus themed party? Why not book the circus skills package. Step right up and test your skills.

The package includes Spinning Plates, Juggling Sticks(Devil Stix), Diablo,  Juggling Balls, Juggling Discs, Hula Hoops and Circus Cape for the party person.

Fun for all ages.

Price:  $220

Classic Yard Games Package

Looking to have a classic yard party, or want to create a fun section at your school fete or work function.

Including:       Egg & Spoon Racing, 3-Legged Races, Sack Racing , Space Hopper Racing  for 6 competitors plus Quoits.

Price:  $180

Sports Package

Decided on a sports party at home, school fair, family fun day, or want to create a fun section at your work place.

Including:        Croquet, Bocce, Bad-minton, Cricket and Handball Target.

Price:  $250

Giant Games Package

Hire a combination of Giant Yard Games for your next party or function

Including: Giant Chess or Checkers, Giant Connect 4, Giant Kerplunk (Cannonball Drop), Giant Snakes and Ladders and Giant Pickup Sticks

Price: $300

Art & Craft Packages

Why not book a craft party, catering to children 5-14. A perfect alternative for family fun days, fetes, festivals, corporate events and any function.

We will keep the kids entertained with lots of fun craft activities including mask making, plaster painting and general arts and crafts.

Contact Adam’s Games & Amusements for your craft party requirements. Many different crafts available.

Sand Art Creations

Kids of all ages will love to watch their art come to life after applying the different coloured sands to their pre-cut sticker card. Many designs to choose from and a fun easy activity.

Party packs available: 20 Cards and 10 coloured sands - $50

50 Cards and 10 coloured sands - $100

Scratch Art

Scratch Art is an easy activity for kids of all ages. Watch their face light up as they scratch away the black to reveal the colours behind, giving a different aspect to their art work. Create individual Book Marks, or art work for the fridge.

Party packs available: 20 Cards and Wooden Stick - $45

50 Cards and Wooden Stick - $90

Plaster Painting

Various plaster shapes available for the kids to paint.

Party packs available: 20 Plaster Moulds and paints - $45

50 Plaster Moulds and paints - $90

Call or email the details of your project and see if Adam can assist..